Our clients are the builders, manufacturers, architects and engineers constructing our cities, building our bridges and producing the products that make modern life possible.

Our clients are the builders, manufacturers, architects and engineers constructing our cities, building our bridges and producing the products that make modern life possible.

“I love working for construction and manufacturing clients because it gives me the opportunity to contribute to large-scale projects and lasting end results. Every time I go through the Beacon Hill Tunnel in Seattle, I point it out to my kids because I am proud to have supported the team that built it. This work is important, and I feel privileged every day to partner with clients to build the future and help our society thrive and grow.”

— John Theiss, Founding Partner, Truss Faber

Truss Faber is uniquely positioned to support companies in construction and manufacturing legal matters; our founding attorney has also been a CEO of an international heavy civil construction firm.  Our clients asked us to start this firm because they need a legal team that understands the business of large construction projects and manufacturing operations worldwide. These industries are complex and high risk. With international supply chains and projects running in the hundreds of millions of dollars, success can live or die on small technical details. Our clients move fast and have high standards — thanks to our many years of experience successfully resolving legal matters for construction and manufacturing companies, our clients never need to slow down to get us up to speed.


A successful construction law firm certainly needs to be savvy, thoughtful and highly competent in understanding the law. Just as important, the firm must understand how construction works in the field. Experience working in the trenches of a jobsite brings legal issues into sharper focus. A successful construction law firm must also understand the business implications of any legal strategy. Founded with deep construction experience, legal savvy and business acumen, Truss Faber takes great pride in serving its clients, providing counsel that improves the bottom line as much as it solves problems in the field.
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Truss Faber attorneys have a long and successful track record of helping manufacturing clients through thoughtful and results-driven legal counsel. Our history working within the manufacturing industry affords us insights into crafting legal strategies and tactics that allow our clients to focus on the business at hand, rather than becoming mired in unnecessarily long and expensive disputes. We represent industry manufacturers, suppliers and owners, with particularly strong experience in contract manufacturing, electronics, steel fabrication and aerospace. We are honored to represent clients that have a passion for their businesses and a true team spirit reflective of what the industry requires.
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Architecture + Engineering

Truss Faber has extensive experience in AEC law, which gives us a rare understanding of the industry, especially as it pertains to design-build services. Our team is passionate about guiding clients through the murky waters of tort and contract law in order to support them in serving their customers. With our emphasis on client service, we appreciate the challenging blend of technical expertise and customer relationships that are required for our AEC clients to succeed in their business. Our architecture and engineering firm clients come to us with a range of needs, from advice on procurement methods, to drafting and negotiating a contract, as well as handling complex lawsuits.
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The name Truss Faber was born from our purpose of supporting industries that operate with craftspeople, builders and makers.


Both “truss” and “faber” serve as reminders to our clients that our firm's mission is not about us, it's about them.

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