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We find smart, creative solutions to legal challenges. We’re great chess players.

We tell it how it is.

Our clients move fast. We never slow them down.

Our clients asked us to start this firm because they needed a legal team that understands the business of large construction projects and manufacturing operations worldwide. These industries are complex and high risk. With international supply chains and projects running in the hundreds of millions of dollars, success can live or die on small technical details. We provide our clients with the support they need with straightforward legal advice, complex litigation practice and general counsel services.  

Legal Advice

We offer clear, direct and transparent legal advice. We focus on pursuing solutions to resolve the matter expeditiously instead of drawing it out to incur more legal fees.

Complex Litigation

We help clients avoid litigation and we engage in litigation aggressively, depending on clients’ business needs and objectives.

Fractional General
Counsel Services

We can work as part of your team,  providing the benefits of on-call legal advice and support, without requiring the high overhead of having full-time in-house attorneys.

What sets us apart?

Truss Faber is uniquely positioned to support companies in construction and manufacturing legal matters; our founding attorney has also been a CEO of an international heavy civil construction firm. Our clients benefit from our decades of experience solving complex legal problems at some of the nation's biggest law firms, without the large overhead or layers of billing attorneys.

Construction & Manufacturing

Thanks to our many years of experience successfully resolving legal matters for construction and manufacturing companies, you will never need to slow down to get us up to speed.

Flexible & Innovative

We believe one size fits none.
We work with our clients to develop partnership and fee structures that fit their business objectives.

A Business-First

We’re focused on your bottom line and your success through thoughtful, action-oriented legal counsel. More importantly, we offer our clients the benefit of our experience to set a course that is legally prudent, yet business oriented.

Versatile Legal

Truss Faber is a full-service law firm, offering our clients the full array of legal services — from advice on a claim, to drafting and negotiating a contract, to complex litigation and arbitration.

The name Truss Faber was born from our purpose of supporting industries that operate with craftspeople, builders and makers.


Both “truss” and “faber” serve as reminders to our clients that our firm's ultimate mission is not about us, it is about them.

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Truss Faber PC provides legal counsel to the construction and manufacturing industries and companies involved in government contracts. Truss Faber’s senior-level team has deep experience and a proven track record of prioritizing results and efficiency over red tape, delivering clever solutions to complex legal problems.

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