Construction law requires an uncommon blend of skills. A successful construction law firm certainly needs to be savvy, thoughtful and highly competent in understanding the law. Those skills are table stakes. Just as important, though, a successful construction law firm also must understand how construction works in the field, far removed from just contracts and drawings. Experience working in the trenches of a jobsite brings legal issues into sharper focus. Finally, a successful construction law firm must understand the business implications of any legal strategy. Prudency is the amalgam of what’s possible in law, tempered with what makes business sense for the client.
Truss Faber has all three of these key strengths. Founded with deep construction experience, legal savvy and business acumen, Truss Faber takes great pride in serving its clients, providing counsel that improves the bottom line as much as it solves problems in the field. No-nonsense, results-oriented counsel is our stock-in-trade.

Problems We Solve for Clients

Truss Faber is a full-service law firm, offering our clients the full array of legal services. We help our clients with contracting and contract negotiation. We help avoid disputes and, when necessary, we litigate those issues, relying on our years of experience fighting for our clients’ interests. More importantly, we offer our clients the benefit of our experience to set a course that is legally prudent, yet business oriented.

Representative Cases

Represented international construction clients in large, international projects worldwide, including in Guam, Diego Garcia, Kwajalein Atoll, Vietnam, Antarctica, Philippines, Malaysia and Canada, among many others.

     Results:  Successfully negotiated contracts, teaming agreements and managed dispute-resolution processes for hundreds of projects ranging in value from $10 million to over $100 million.

Negotiated custom integrated project delivery agreement for a large Seattle hospital project, one of the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

     Results:  Successfully structured the integrated agreement upon favorable terms, which set the client up for profitable and efficient project delivery.

Prosecuted claims for a subcontractor terminated for convenience by a large international corporation under a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers prime contract in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

     Results: Settled favorably in mediation to finally collect costs and profits for work performed.

Defended private owner/operator against claims raised by contractor in U.S. District Court, District of Oregon for a U. S. Army Corps of Engineers dam project in Eastern Oregon.

     Results:  Successfully defended claims in excess of $10 million.