Keytronic Corporation is a value-added contract manufacturer, specializing in PCB assembly, plastic molding, and full-product assembly, with products ranging from simple consumer devices to complex, high end commercial and industrial electromechanical products. Keytronic is one of very few contract manufacturers that has a combination of offshore world class PCB assembly, plastic molding, and final product assembly all under the same roof.


Keytronic Corporation needed a fierce litigator to defend its company and its executives personally in a federal court action, in addition to many other related arbitration matters. The company required a legal team that was committed to relentlessly defending the case, while continually pursuing solutions to resolve the matter expeditiously instead of drawing it out to incur more legal fees.


John Theiss and his team was able to come to a solution relatively quickly after several aggressive measures in litigation and arbitration. They managed six matters, including two in federal court and four arbitration tribunals, to favorable conclusions.

Keytronic was so impressed with John’s work, that they brought his team on for a second, unrelated issue. The team succeeded in positioning that case for a settlement in very favorable terms and avoided the time, expense and risk of going to trial.


In these two initial engagements alone, Keytronic saved millions of dollars in legal fees and internal overhead costs.

Keytronic was so impressed with John and his team’s work, they have contracted ongoing general counsel services, allowing their executive team to benefit from on-call legal advice and support. Mr. Theiss has been Corporate Secretary and General Counsel since November 2022 on a fractional basis.

"John and the Truss Faber team get things done. They always pick up the phone, they give action-oriented advice without confusing legal waffling, and they always have our business interests front and center. Having John in our corner has saved Keytronic millions of dollars and spared us dozens of legal headaches since 2007."

— Craig Gates, President & CEO, Keytronic Corporation