Emily Neltnor

Senior Litigation Paralegal

Emily, an ABA certified paralegal, brings extensive industry knowledge through her unique background in the oil and gas industry.  Emily has vast experience in drafting, negotiating, and finalizing supplier and vendor related agreements. She has firsthand experience in case management of construction litigation, and she has significant trial experience in numerous high-profile suits involving professional liability, construction delay, construction defects, and bid protests in both state and federal courts around the United States.

Emily earned a B.A. in Social Sciences and a B.A. in Paralegal Studies, with a Minor in Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude, from Tulane University.

"Truss Faber has a deep care for its clients, which makes me, as a Paralegal, want to do my very best for the attorneys so they can support clients in a way that can’t be found at other firms."
Q+A with Emily Neltnor


Detail oriented and multi-faceted Paralegal with a bachelor’s degree and an ABA Certified Paralegal from Tulane University. I have a unique background in the oil and gas industry drafting, negotiating, and finalizing supplier and vendor related agreements. Strong communication skills. I apply a high level of excellence with all matters assigned to me from inception to completion including arbitration, mediation, and trials. I have a clear understanding of each assigned matter to ensure accuracy and relevancy when preparing pleadings, requests for discovery, medical chronologies, and deposition summaries. Well versed in workers compensation, including Third Party Administrators and Louisiana Workforce Commission, Workers Compensation District Court. Also, I have a clear understanding of state and federal matter in the phases of discovery, trial preparation, trial pleadings, filings, and trial attendance. Litigation experience includes, but not limited to mass tort litigation, transportation insurance defense, general litigation, high profile suits, land disputes, construction defect, professional liability, construction delays, state and federal construction bids and protests, redhibition, Federal Acquisition Regulation and product liability suits. Court experience includes Eastern District, Middle District, and Western District (Lake Charles and Shreveport) of Louisiana United States District Court, Fifth Circuit United States Court of Appeals, Louisiana District Courts, Fourth Circuit State of Louisiana Court of Appeals, State of Mississippi Circuit, Chancery and County Courts, State of North Carolina District Courts, California Superior Courts, Alabama Circuit, District and Municipal Courts and the State of Tennessee Circuit Courts.

Senior Construction Defense Litigation Paralegal

Deutsch Kerrigan, LLP - New Orleans, LA
January 2020 to Present

  • Case manager for construction, mass tort and personal injury insurance defense litigation.
  • Exceed monthly billable hours.
  • Trial and arbitration preparation, including preparing voluminous exhibits, communication with court staff to ensure adherence to court guidelines and judge preferences, and drafting and issuance of trial subpoenas in state and federal courts. .
  • Prepare medical record and medical special chronologies.
  • Manage multiple attorney calendars for state and federal court deadlines pursuant to scheduling orders.
  • Prepare petitions for foreign subpoena in multiple states pursuant to the Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act (UIDDA).
  • Draft notices of record depositions and subpoenas duces tecum for the purpose of gathering pertinent documents and expert information identified in initial disclosures and written discovery responses for use during mediation, arbitration and/or jury or bench trials.
  • Investigation of facts presented by opposing parties, co-defendant, and/or witnesses by investigating information provided in written discovery responses, deposition testimony, produced documents, medical records, workers’ compensation claim files, employment records, and social media canvassing.
  • Maintain ESI for clients and prepare documents for production in response to discovery requests including, native documents, including Excel spreadsheets, Outlook .pst files, MS Project and Access. Also, computer aided design software, non-Microsoft scheduling software, engineering and architectural software, CCTV, GPS data, and 18-wheeler Black Box Data.
  • Prepare new and supplemental requests for discovery in accordance to state and federal rules.
  • Summarize, manage, and index logs and/or logs produced as data load files in e-discovery platforms for the purpose of organizing and searching voluminous document productions.
  • E-discovery database management.
  • Prepare ex-parte motions for private process server.
  • Page line deposition summaries.
  • Prepare medical record and specials chronology summaries.
  • Prepare and file pro hoc vice admission pleadings..
  • Patent litigation research.
  • Prepare subpoenas pursuant to the Hague Evidence Convention.
  • Identify and apply redactions to privileged documents.
  • Create and maintain privilege logs.
  • Mentor Junior Paralegal.

Contract Paralegal

New Orleans, LA
April 2019 to July 2021

  • Assist clients with initial drafting and/or editing of initial and/or amended pleadings, including petitions/ complaints, summons, affidavits, oaths, motions, and orders in practice areas that include Civil, Probate, and Construction Litigation, RICO, pre-litigation Insurance Defense, and Transportation Defense.
  • Assist clients draft and edit requests for discovery, including interrogatories, special interrogatories, request for admissions, and requests for the production of documents.
  • Communicate with multi-state and federal court staff for the purpose of hearing and trial preparation.
  • Manage client’s electronic files using a document management system.
  • Assist clients with multi-state Commercial and Residential Construction documents by reviewing and identifying pertinent information as it relates to a project’s scope of work.
  • Assist construction companies with research related to the Miller Act and Federal Acquisitions Regulations.
  • Prepare and edit vendor agreements and other contracts.
  • Review, identify, and redact privileged information.
  • Create and maintain privilege logs.
  • Review voluminous document productions in Relativity for mass tort litigation suits.

Insurance Defense Litigation Paralegal

Perrier & Lacoste, LLP - New Orleans, LA
May 2014 to April 2019

  • Trial Preparation and attendance, including bench books, witness folders and the organization of all exhibits used during trial presentations.
  • Exceeded monthly billing expectations.
  • Caseload management for multiple attorneys.
  • Organized discovery from inception through completion, including trial or mediation.
  • Coordinate experts for deposition and/or trial.
  • Prepare trial and mediation binders.
  • Prepare new requests and supplemental requests for discovery.
  • State and Federal Court Filings.
  • Medical record chronologies and billing specials summaries.
  • Page line deposition summaries.
  • Schedule and coordinate depositions.
  • Prepare client and opposing counsel correspondence.
  • Manage the firm’s trial calendar.
  • Investigate facts presented by opposing parties, co-defendant, and/or witnesses for use in responding to discovery requests, deposition testimony, medical records, employment records, and social media canvassing.
  • Authored firm procedures for use by newly hired paralegals to promote and practice consistency.
  • Mentor Junior Paralegals.


B.A. in Social Sciences
Tulane University of Louisiana - New Orleans, LA
August 2007 to May 2012

B.A. in Paralegal Studies
Tulane University of Louisiana - New Orleans, LA
August 2007 to May 2012

Minor in Business Administration
Tulane University of Louisiana - New Orleans, LA
August 2007 to May 2012

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