Emily Neltnor joins Truss Faber, bringing extensive experience in drafting, negotiating, and finalizing supplier and vendor related agreements. She has firsthand experience in case management of construction litigation, and significant trial experience. Learn more about why Emily decided to join Truss Faber.

Emily Neltnor brings extensive industry knowledge through her unique background in the oil and gas industry.

Q: What led you to pursue a legal career?

A: My Mother became a Paralegal in the 90’s and I loved the attorneys she worked with like family. Years later I was presented with an opportunity to work in the oil and gas industry, specifically in research and development and manufacturing, where I worked closely with the Corporate In-House General Counsel and Senior IP Attorney negotiating various agreements and contracts with suppliers, including Non-Disclosure Agreements, Manufacturing Agreements and Product Development Agreements. Over time, working closely with the Senior IP Attorney became an instrumental part for me pursue a Paralegal Certificate. I was hooked during my first class, which was an Intro to Paralegal Studies. As I approached my second to last semester, I needed to fulfill an internship requirement. Coincidentally, the company I worked for was in the midst of patent litigation so I made a request with the paralegal department chair to find out if I could fulfill my internship with the company I worked for to gain exposure with litigation. This was not a normal request as most internships were required to be fulfilled with local litigation firms. I certainly could have completed a normal internship, but I like to think outside of the box. Thankfully my request was approved. I found that through my internship other students were having less than desirable experiences. My internship experience began my love for litigation and I never looked back. As I’ve developed my skills I look at my career choice as a true callIng. I truly appreciate the legal mind of attorneys who practice litigation and I love being the support function for attorneys and their clients.

Emily Neltnor, Truss Faber Paralegal

Q: What brought you to collaborate with Truss Faber?

A: Throughout my litigation career I knew there was a firm out there that was meant for me and I for them. It was just a matter of time.  When I was contacted for an interview I did my research about the firm and upon looking at the type of practice and what the firm was about I knew this was exactly the firm I had been looking for almost immediately. I truly love Construction Litigation and have a strong background in Manufacturing, which as Paralegal is not common. So it was natural that Truss Faber is where I was meant to be.

Q: What excites you about working with Truss Faber?

A: Where do I start? One thing that’s always bothered me about other firms is the lack of a team mentality. This is not so at Truss Faber. Since the day I started, I’ve genuinely felt as though my experience and input is valued. Also, the firm has a deep care for its clients, which makes me, as a Paralegal, want to do my very best for the attorneys so they can support clients in a way that can’t be found at other firms. The experience and positivity the leadership brings to this firm is like no other. It is paramount for Truss Faber to find innovative solutions for their clients, which as support staff I find refreshing and inspiring.

Meet Emily Neltnor, Truss Faber Paralegal